Exams and Consultations

We know that by diagnosing a problem early we can often save the pet pain and suffering as well as reduce long term treatment expenses later. The doctors and staff at Cadence Animal Hospital take pride in the compassionate, high quality care that we provide for you and your pet. Our doctors provide thorough physical examinations to check for potential problems.

Our approach to wellness:

  • Bi-annual physical exams *(While physical exams are critical to animal health, you can help too. If you notice any irregularities with your pet, take detailed notes and bring them in with your pet for an examination).
  • Regular examinations of your pet’s stool- to test for intestinal parasites.
  • Yearly laboratory blood work -to spot trends and changes in organ function.

What exactly does a physical exam include? Some things you can’t see, feel, touch, or hear without special tests and equipment but, many times you can gain a lot of information about your pet through simple observation. In a physical exam, your veterinarian looks for anything abnormal. Every pet is a little bit different, just like every human is different. Once your veterinarian does the general physical exam, any areas of concern will be given more attention.


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